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Dr. Pio Eugenio Fontana

After his medical degree, achieved with lode, he started his post-academic training in Lugano working as an assistant surgeon. Then, he trainedin Internal Medicine for three years.


When he finished the process required by the Federation of Swiss Doctors for the specialisation in Internal Medicine, he understood that he was not sufficiently prepared to meet the needs of the fragile elderly, who already represented a large part of patients in the hospital wards. Dr Fontana decided to accept a position for one year as an assistant doctor in neurology first in Lugano and then in Geneva.

In 2003, he founded near the Moncucco Clinic of Lugano, the “Plruspcialistic Center for Geriatrics” which he still directs and is the central figure. In less of a year, the centre became the most important hospital service of geriatrics in Tessin and one of the most influential in Switzerland.


At the same time, he opened his private ambulatory in Lugano, the only one in Tessin capable of treating the complex problems of the elder population. Particulare attentin granted to dementia, motorial disorders, chronic pain, nutrition and psychiatry aspects of the elder.


In 2015, he became member of the Swiss Memory Clinic, the association that gathers swiss centres specialised in the evaluation and cure of various forms of dementia.

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Mail : piofontana@studiogeriatria.ch

Web : https://www.equilibriumswiss.ch

Location : Lugano

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