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Loretta Bert

Graduated in Physics in 1977 at the University of Studies in Milan. After a short period of volunteer research at the same university, she was hired at Honeywell Information Systems, where she became an expert in basic and application software. She holds courses in Italy and abroad, follows trainings, first technical and then managerial with his associates in Europe and the United States.


She later became responsible for internal training for technicians and commercials. Over the years, she held managerial roles, becoming Marketing Manager for South Europe in Mettler-Toledo.

Then, worked as expert in the behavioral coaching in different counseling and training Companies.


She teaches interpersonal communication at the Supsi of Lugano. For some years, following an old passion of her youth, she started teaching yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and laughter yoga.


She received the second level of Reiki, studied Ayurveda and collaborated with holistic wellness experts.

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