The principal goal for Equilibriumswiss, in it’s Continuous Training Program, is to stimulate the awareness and, at the same time, to create a safe haven for our students helping them develop their skills and expertise. It is important to empower our students in the development of these objectives since they are fundamental stepping stones in developing a fulfilling life equilibrium which will lead to success.

The keywords are “equilibrium” and “awareness”. These are fundamentals in our formative system since that lead towards a higher degree of mindfulness. With this in mind, Equilibrium Academy endeavors in developing Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars in the field of natural health teachings and remedies . We focus primarily on medical and nursing personnel but also offer a wide range of training classes to laymen and to whom ever desires to receive professional teaching and coaching.

01. Target

Our courses are for whomever is truly interested in improving their personal or professional expertise in the field of natural health treatments and remedies. Therefore, some classes are aimed towards the general public, while other courses – cover specific topics and are tailored for doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, wellness operator, caregivers and professional personnel who work in the health field

02. Topics

Equilibrium Academy has developed aa continuous training program in clinical aromatherapy, natural medicine, and introduction to traditional Chinese psycho-somatics. We strive to ensure the conceptual importance of developing the relation caregiver-patient, devolving an effective communication that enhances problem-solving and coaching personal professional and spiritual empowerment. Every formative pathway we offer has a secondary objective, beside mere information, which concerns empowering the students in the development of their personal emotional balance and equilibrium.

03. The Method

The didactic method is highly interactive ensuring an optimal ratio between academic teaching and practical experience. During our classes we favour a hands on approach and utilize, when necessary role playing techniques that are very well appreciated. This allows the participant to be an active part of the training process.

04. Training Follow-Up

We firmly believe In the fundamental role that continuous training plays in professional evolution, but we also realize that there is a necessity for post training follow-up. Equlilibrium Academy has developed a specific follow-up methodology consisting in brief but intensive seminars where our students are the protagonists and where both brainstorming and experience exchange are crucial factor in these “events”. This not only ensures a close relationship with our students but also fosters the development of team spirit.

The follow-up program offers our students the opportunity to develop and discuss new solutions and find a constant tutoring.

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